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SISU School Punta Cana - a Finnish-American School


Welcome to the School of Heroes!

Step 1: Application


Start by submitting the following documents: 

  • Completed and signed Admissions Form

  • Photocopy of the parents' and child’s ID (or passport)

  • 1 passport size photograph (not older than 6 months)

  • Photocopies of child’s birth certificate

  • Copy of your child's insurance

  • Medical Report and vaccination certificate

  • Educational assessment or specialist reports (if applicable)

  • Official transcript or report cards from the previous kindergarten/ school (if applicable)

Step 2: Application Review


Once all necessary documents have been submitted the admissions will be reviewed by the admission office. At this point, more information may be requested from you or from the previous school.


We will then contact your family to schedule age-specific assessments, which may take the form of a meeting with the principal and/or short activities in the classroom. The admission office will contact you to inform you whether your child has been accepted. 

Step 3: Student Registration


When a place is offered, the registration fee must be paid within seven days. If the registration fee is not received within seven days, priority will be given to other applicants. The next will be to fill in the Student Registration Form, read the parent handbook, and proceed to tuition fee payment. Bank details can be found in the tuition fees document.

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