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Join Our Amazing Team!

Do You want to make an impact? With us, you can. We aim to change the world of learning one student at a time. You might be the person we are looking for! Whether you are an HR specialist, educator, or service provider we want to hear from you.



All our staff is trained in SISU Philosophy emphasizing the Finnish approach to learning. We continue to support all our employees in improving their own competencies. In addition to the salary, we offer a unique work atmosphere and a friendly and supportive working environment. We implement the entrepreneurial growth mindset which means that in our work community everyone’s strengths are valued and we are enthusiastic to try new things. Sometimes we fail and then we learn more.


If you think you would like to explore all the possibilities there are to enhance our students’ learning, we warmly welcome you to join our SISU Schools Community!



1. Update your CV and include the following information:

  • Date 

  • Contact details (Full Name, Phone Number, Email)

  • Your qualifications

  • Work experience

  • References

2. Write a Cover letter: 

  • Date 

  • Contact details (Full Name, Phone Number, Email)

  • What position you are interested in (Yearly Years2-4 years, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade levels, HR, etc.) 

  • Description of why would you like to work in our school

3. Save both documents in PDF format and name them by CV_FirstnameLastname and Cover Letter_FirstnameLastname

4. Send both documents to us via email today!

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